Solo – 13 Aprile 2018

A solo performance, the last 13th April, at the “Diestro Le Quinte”, Sieci (Florence).  


The H7-25 Suonata Op. 1:   

Sound Postcard #1 from Château Éphémère

A short Sound postcard from Château Éphémère realized during the first artistic residence period for the project Passi / Errare è umano with Simona Polvani (17 April 2016).  

cancelli# – sound excerpt

Finally… after long time we can share a sound excerpt from the cancelli# performance (Salto nel suono Festival, 8th April 2015, Nonantola (MO)). The cancelli# performance is about 50 minutes long, from the performance recording we extract some parts for this selection… cancelli# …

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estmprn track #1

estmprn is a solo improvised project for live electronic and processed acoustic resonant tube… first track  

chaos sinfonico

My “Chaos sinfonico” project CD tracks…   

s_suite track

the first version of my project with Simona Polvani lyrics…  

eclissi CD tracks

My CD tracks for the Eclissi project with Edoardo Pisano…  

Old works

Old sound works… 2012 and before…