Gesualdo da Venosa

The project, realized in the 2010, is a live performance based on the musical innovation by Carlo Gesualdo. Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613), alias Gesualdo da Venosa, was a renaissance Italian Composer. He is remembered for madrigals and intensely expressive sacred music that use very modern chromatic language.

This Gesualdo modernity inspired the work design and realization. The project start from some Gesualdo sound recording, in particular from some part of Sacred Music for Easter where the modern chromatic language is more evident.
The project was born also from the meeting of different musical know-how that involve competences from electronic music, classical music and popular music. & CELEN Montella June 2010

The project is the result of a collaboration between and Cimarosa Electroacoustic Ensemble:

  • Nicola Buono and Lino Monaco
  • CELEN – Cimarosa Electroacoustic Ensemble: Gialuca Catuogno, Damiano Meacci, Carmine Minichiello and Paolo Termini

Excerpt from the performance in June 2010: